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Sprayed cabinet and furniture finish for a flawless look!

We can build your dreams
We can build your dreams

Proudly serving Lunenburg, Mass and surrounding towns.

Woman Owned
Woman owned &
family operated

Licensed & insured

Free Consultations
Free Consultations

We service both home and office

Free Consultations
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What We Do

We make homes and offices beautiful and functional for your family or team’s specific needs by creating safe, efficient, quality, additions to the places you spend the most time, your home and office. We form lasting relationships through maintaining these homes and offices from the inside out as your family, your business, or your needs expand.

We offer carpentry, painting, and handyman services designed to help home and business owners like you lower the amount of time spent repairing your home and office and raise the amount of time making memories instead by handing your home and office improvement to-do lists over to us to complete with unmatched skill and a family friendly price, leaving your home and offices beautiful, functional, and inviting for all the exciting game nights in your newly finished basements, weekly family cook-outs on your sturdy new decks, timeless family photos in your freshly painted living rooms, or brainstorming with your team in a high efficiency work environment. Our goal is to free up your time to do what you love and help you feel truly comfortable in your space.  

As carpenters and painters, we have over ten years experience and have worked alongside top performers in the trade. We are available for home and office improvement consults and free quotes as the first step in moving forward with repairing and even building your dream home and office!

We can build your dreams and we are so excited to work with you!

Meet the Team

Joeci Gilchrest

Owner, CEO

John Gilchrest



Woman owned and family operated. Licensed and insured.

  • Carpentry, Construction, and Repairs​
  • Home Improvement Consults​
  • Painting and Staining – Interior and Exterior
  • Power Washing – Spring and Summer​
  • Gutter Cleaning – Fall and Spring​

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